MetaTrader 4 Platform

Expert Advisors (MQL 4)
Traders have the flexibility to program their own trading strategies, which make the trade process management automatic. Additionally, traders can place trades based on price movement and pattern recognition

Custom Indicators can analyze the current market activity and generate various trading signals. The custom indicators do not execute trades automatically and are aimed only for implementing analytical functions

Powerful Charting
  • Viewan unlimited number of MT4 charts
  • Supportof various timeframes from minutes up to months
  • Largenumber of technical indicators and line studies
  • Testtrading strategies on historical data by plotting chart points where trades comein and out

Fixed Spreads
At FX Solutions we offer fixed spreads. Confidently trade and know that your spread will remain fixed.

Pricing Derived from EBS
The pricing displayed on GTS Pro, GTS Web, GTS Mobile and Metatrader is derived from EBS - the Global Forex market benchmark. Trading with FX Solutions gives you real-time "price certainty" and access to liquidity 24 hours a day.

Leverage from 20:1 to 50:1
Three different leverage ratios to choose from

Commission free trading
Trade on the most popular currency pairs with tight fixed spreads. At FX Solutions, there is never a commission to pay, only the bid/ask spread.